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Zero Waste Bracelet with up-recycled Scuba parts and Lava Stone

Zero Waste Bracelet with up-recycled Scuba parts and Lava Stone

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MADE IN: United States


PLEASE NOTE: Silver jewelry might tarnish. Please take in consideration when you make the purchase

Handcrafted Lava stone bracelet with up-recycled SCUBA parts.

The Designer also SCUBA diver- repurposes these normally discarded SCUBA bits to create pieces both industrial and earthy where the wearers can feel confident that their look and wallet represent not only beauty but zero waste.

Lava stone is excellent for calming emotions thanks to its grounding qualities. Formed from cooling magma, lava is thought to symbolize rebirth, and aid in releasing emotional baggage.
Unique, eco, spiritual, meaningful pieces, handmade jewelry.

This Zero Waste Bracelet with up-recycled  Scuba parts and Lava Stone is a reflection of free will, love for life and the experiences we face. This "Zero Waste Bracelet with up-recycled  Scuba parts and Lava Stone" is one of a kind piece, just like us individuals. Ii’s perfectly imperfect! Just like us ;-) Proudly Made with Love by Designer in her studio in Los Angeles, California.
Color: Black Lava stone, Silver
Please understand that your piece will look slightly different than pictured.
XS - 5 inch (12.7 cm) wrist
S - 6 inch (15.2 cm) wrist
M - 7 inch (17.7 cm) wrist
L - 8 inch (20.3 cm) wrist
XL - 9 inch (22.8 cm) wrist
Beads 1/3 inch (0.8 cm) in diameter
Packaging: This item is presented in a designer signature pouch
Care Instructions: To maintain your jewelry, wipe gently with a cloth that is soft and clean. Store silver jewelry away from other metal jewelry to avoid scratches. Avoid contact with soaps, detergents, perfume or hair spray. Plain white toothpaste can be used in place of silver paste for cleaning. Storing silver jewelry in a plastic zipped bag will keep the air out and possibly slow tarnishing.
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