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Wong Men's Wooden Bracelet

Wong Men's Wooden Bracelet

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The zebrawood has a unique style among the trees and is enhanced by the stainless steel slabs, creating a noticeable and interesting look. Wong Men's Wooden Bracelet it is the perfect choice for mysterious and playful men who always manage to surprise.

Made of 100% environmentally friendly zebrawood and stainless steel.

Size is 19cm x 1.5cm x 0.4cm, with adjustable length!

With this purchase you help planting of a tree!

Wong Men's Wood Bracelet is not just simple accessory!
- Fits perfectly for both elegant and casual wear.
- Durable due to high-quality materials.
- Handmade.
- Thanks to the unique texture of the wood, no two pieces are exactly the same.
- Comes with jewelry holder or box, it's perfect as a gift.

Made in Europe.


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