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Haiti Wood Bracelet

Haiti Wood Bracelet

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Haiti Wood Bracelet has positive effect on the body and soul. The bracelet is elegant, stylish, and enhance inner strength. Why Haiti specifically? Once covered in dense forest, Haiti is now one of the most environmentally degraded countries on the planet. Only 2% of its original forests remain, and according to the UN, 30% of the remaining trees are destroyed every year. In 2010, the Eden Reforestation Project began working in Haiti. Today, more than 2 million trees have been planted, and the organization employs about 300 local farmers, providing them with opportunities and income. With this purchase you make it possible to plant a tree!


- Elastic, comfortable rubber thread 


- WENGE WOOD beads

- ONYX rectangular bead with WFY inscription

- Comes with a gift jewelry holder!

Turquoise stones are believed to have many meanings beyond their beautiful blue color. They are said to bring luck, peace, and protection

Wenge wood is a source of stability and perseverance. It is believed to relieve anxiety and calm the mind, promoting balanced mental and emotional responses.

Onyx is a unique accessory for peace and harmony. Suitable for everyday wear.

Haiti Wood Bracelet is not just simple accessory!
- Fits perfectly for both elegant and casual wear.
- Durable due to high-quality materials.
- Handmade.
- Thanks to the unique texture of the wood, no two pieces are exactly the same.
- Comes with jewelry holder or box, it's perfect as a gift.

Made in Europe.

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