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Viking Good Luck Pendant

Viking Good Luck Pendant

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Vikings are known for their strong beliefs in symbols and amulets that would bring them good fortune and success in battle. One of these powerful symbols was the Viking Good Luck Pendant, a shield-shaped piece of jewelry that was believed to provide its wearer with protection and good health.

This pendant is a faithful reproduction of an original Viking artifact found in York, England and now displayed in the Jorvik Viking Center. Made from fine British Pewter, the pendant features intricate rune inscriptions that translate to 'Good Health' and 'Good Luck,' making it an ideal talisman for anyone seeking to ward off negative energies and attract positive outcomes.

Supplied with a 20" length of black waxed cord, this visually stunning pendant is also safe to wear. The recyclable packaging includes information about the piece, making it an ideal gift for anyone interested in Viking history and culture. Whether worn as a lucky charm or admired as a beautiful piece of jewelry, the Viking Good Luck Pendant is sure to captivate anyone who appreciates the power of ancient symbols.

Dimensions  24mm X 24mm
Weight 10g
Designed and handmade in UK.

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