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Celtic Knot Pendant with Red Stone

Celtic Knot Pendant with Red Stone

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The Celtic Knot Pendant with Red Stone is a beautiful piece of jewelry that features the iconic St. Ninian's Knot design, known for its unbroken and never-ending line symbolizing unity, protection, and everlasting life. This pendant is inspired by the St. Ninian's Isle hoard from Scotland, dating back to the 8th century, and features a striking red glass stone on top that adds a touch of elegance to the design.

Handcrafted using fine British Pewter that is lead-free and safe to wear, this Celtic Knot Pendant comes with a genuine leather neck cord measuring around 20" or 50.8 cm in length. Whether you're a fan of Celtic symbolism or simply appreciate stunning jewelry, this pendant is sure to catch your eye.

Dimensions: 29 mm x 36 mm

Weight: 9 grams

Designed and handmade in UK.

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