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Pheasant Feather Earrings

Pheasant Feather Earrings

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MADE IN: Canada


These Pheasant Feather Earrings are not just beautiful pieces of jewelry, they are also a symbol of conservation and environmentalism. By using naturally dropped feathers, the designer is promoting sustainable and ethical practices, and by donating a percentage of profits towards helping the birds, she is actively engaging in conservation efforts.

Not only do these earrings make a statement about environmental responsibility, they are also unique and eye-catching. The combination of the natural feathers and beads creates a bohemian and earthy feel, perfect for any nature lover or free spirit.

Wearing these Pheasant Feather Earrings not only adds a touch of natural beauty to any outfit, but it also serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment around us. By supporting ethical and sustainable practices, we can help to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty of nature just as we do.

Color: Beige, Hazel Pheasant Feathers, Carnelian, Citrine, Onyx Beads, Gold Stainless Steel Hook


Earring length ~ 8 cm

Earring width ~ 2.5 cm

Beads ⌀ ~ 0.5 cm

Care Instructions: To maintain your jewelry, avoid contact with soaps, detergents, perfume or hair spray.

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