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Celtic Treasure Pendant

Celtic Treasure Pendant

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The Celtic Treasure Pendant is a true masterpiece of Celtic art, designed based on an 8th Century silver brooch found in the churchyard of Pentney Abbey in England. The pendant features a stunning domed shape with an open space in the front, which creates a strong sense of depth. The intricate knot work design is a hallmark of Celtic art, and it is surrounded by arcs that give it a sense of movement and flow. The cross with studs on its end terminals is a powerful symbol of faith, making this pendant a perfect gift for someone special. Handcrafted from fine British Pewter that is lead-free and safe to wear, this pendant comes with a genuine leather neck cord that is 20 inches long. Wear this exquisite piece of Celtic art and feel the power of its ancient symbolism.

Dimensions: 38 mm x 44 mm or 1.5 inches x 1.75 inches

Weight: 12 grams

Designed and handmade in UK.

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