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Pearl, Crystal Necklace

Pearl, Crystal Necklace

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MADE IN: Hungary


Behold this exquisitely stylish Crystal Pearl Necklace that is bound to turn heads.
For those wondering if pearls have become outdated, rest assured that the trend has shifted in their favor for quite some time now.
This necklace is carefully handmade using stunning white freshwater pearls, faceted crystals, and a touch of sparkle from cubic zirconia stones. The inclusion of a timeless Celtic-style pattern imbues this piece of jewelry with living art, fusing the past, present, and future. Ideal for everyday wear, the necklace is completed with a secure lobster clasp.
"Crystals amplify the consciousness." - Shirley MacLaine

Clear crystals are known for their powerful protective properties. They dispel negativity and eliminate negative energy, while also purportedly stimulating the immune system and balancing the entire body.

Pearls are often referred to as the "Stone of Truth, Faith, and Love." They enhance personal integrity and bring focus and deep meaning to any object of attention, providing wisdom and symbolizing sincerity, faith, and loyalty.

Cubic Zirconia, also known as the "stone of practicality," is believed to improve focus, increase clarity, and release the ego. Some practitioners use it for grounding purposes.

Color Bronze necklace, Clear Crystal, White Pearl beads, Clear zircon stone, Bronze Celtic motif

Material:  Bronze Stainless Steel, Cubic Zircon stone, White freshwater pearls, Faceted Crystal


Necklace length is about 45 cm.

Ø beads approx. 5 mm to 6 mm

Ø Zirconia stone Approx 1.7-1.8 mm

Ø Crystal about 8 mm

Made in Europe.

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