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Coral, Pearl Tassel Bracelet

Coral, Pearl Tassel Bracelet

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MADE IN: Hungary


Presenting the stylish Coral and Pearl Tassel Bracelet, handmade with joyful red and marble gemstones, pearl, and cubic zirconia. Adorned with an elegant red silk tassel and the Designer's iconic sunflower charm, this bracelet is finished with a lobster clasp, making it easy to wear.

As W. C. Fields said, where there's a will, prosperity can't be far behind. With Pearl as the "Stone of Truth, Faith, and Love," enhancing personal integrity and providing focus and deep meaning to our lives, this bracelet can serve as a reminder to stay true to our values and beliefs. Pearl signifies sincerity, faith, and loyalty to our cause.
Coral, on the other hand, represents diplomacy and is said to quiet the emotions and bring peace within. It helps us understand and use the qualities of the mystic, facilitating intuition, imagination, and visualization. It is also known to boost the wearer's self-esteem.
Marble, another powerful gemstone in this bracelet, helps bring strength during difficult circumstances and encourages positive focus to bring physical and emotional improvements. It assists with mastering our thoughts, encouraging inner peace and serenity, promoting love, emotional harmony, trust, and empathy.
Cubic Zirconia, also known as the "stone of practicality," is believed to improve focus, increase clarity, and release the ego. It is often used for grounding.

This superbly stylish Coral and Pearl Tassel Bracelet is not just a fashion statement but also a piece of jewelry that can bring positive energy and remind us of the important values in life.


White Pearl

Red Coral Beads

Marble gemstone Beads

Clear cubic zirconia stone

Red tassel

Stainless Steel 


Bracelet can fit 7 inches or 18 cm wrist to 8 inches or 20 cm wrist

Ø gemstone approx. 9 mm and 5 mm

Ø Sunflower about 1 cm

Ø Cubic zirconia stone approx. 1.7-1.8 mm

Ø flower approx.  5 mm

Metal square approx. 1 cm X 1 cm

Made in Europe.

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