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Ohm Mind, Body and Spirit Earrings

Ohm Mind, Body and Spirit Earrings

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PLEASE NOTE: Silver jewelry might tarnish. Please take in consideration when you make the purchase

Sterling Silver Yoga and Meditation Inspired OHM Mind, Body and Spirit Earrings

Handcrafted Ohm pendant is about 1 inch. It hangs on a sterling silver hook earring with a small Swarovski crystal.
Ohm (or Om) is a very simple sound with a complex meaning. It is the whole universe coalesced into a single word, representing the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga.
In addition the vibrations and rhythmic pronunciation also have a physical affect on the body by slowing down the nervous system and calming the mind similar to meditation.

"Our spiritual jewelry is also wearable for your day-to-day events. Each piece of yoga jewelry is designed with traditional methods of minding chakras and gemstone healing." - Designer Szilvia

This OHM Mind, Body and Spirit  Earrings is one of a kind piece, just like us individuals. It’s perfectly imperfect! Just like us ;-) Proudly Made with Love by Designer in her studio in Los Angeles, California. The OHM Mind, Body and Spirit 😵 Earrings is made of pieces of the earth that the Designer find during her travels.
Clear Swarovski Crystal
Sterling Silver
1.5 inches or  4 cm earrings length
This item is presented in a designer signature pouch
Care Instructions:
To maintain your jewelry, wipe gently with a cloth that is soft and clean. Store silver jewelry away from other metal jewelry to avoid scratches. Avoid contact with soaps, detergents, perfume or hair spray. Plain white toothpaste can be used in place of silver paste for cleaning. Storing silver jewelry in a plastic zipped bag will keep the air out and possibly slow tarnishing.

PLEASE NOTE: Silver jewelry might tarnish. Please take in consideration when you make the purchase. 

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