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Mossy Agate Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

Mossy Agate Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

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Description of Mossy Agate Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

STONE: Natural Mossy Agate stones beads.

LOTUS FLOWER CHARM: 24 karats gold plated over copper.

ELASTIC MATERIAL: High quality double elastic, very strong and reinforced elasticity.

BEADS WIDTH: 0.6 cm / 0.2 inch.

Handmade in Croatia.

Unique elastic bracelet made of mossy agate beads perfect to use as amulet for spiritual growth.

The lotus flower charm is made of 24 karats yellow gold plated over copper.


The mossy agate crystal is related to optimism and freshness. It is said that it favors connection with the environment and nature, as well as expression and communication. It promotes emotional balance, self-confidence, and growth of spiritual character.

This crystal is regenerative, is ideal to reconnect with loved ones, get in tune with them and transmit more confidence. Eliminate hatred, resentment, and other negative feelings.

It is also effective in fighting fear and coping with critical or high-stress situations.

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