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Cork Case - Design your own

Cork Case - Design your own

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Before you send us a design, please follow these instructions:

  1. Provide us with the design and we'll make it into a product
    Once you've uploaded and paid for your custom phone case, our designer will position the design and correct the size of it. The design is up to to find and upload.
  2. Upload computer graphic images
    As long as your logo, shape or text is of high quality, we can engrave it into a custom design for you.
  3. Don't upload photos
    The engraving is going to be black and white. Uploading a difficult photo in color will only take up a lot of our time and will most likely not end up as the result you're looking for.
  4. The design you upload must be your own
    It is your responsibility to send us a design that isn’t protected by any copyrights (e.g., a logo of a popular brand might be a registered trademark). This responsibility is on you and we will not be held responsible for any copyright issues.

A thin shell with an incredibly lovely neutral feel in the hand. The fantastic properties of the cork means that it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is soft and comfortable on the outside and has a good grip while it has a hard core that makes the shell stiff and with an extremely good fit and slim design.

The beautiful surface makes the shell completely unique and fits in all contexts, it stands out in a perfectly simple way!

Made in Sweden.

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