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Azurite, Pearl Bracelet

Azurite, Pearl Bracelet

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MADE IN: Hungary


Elevate your denim with a sophisticated touch of sparkle by adorning your wrist with this elegant women's bracelet, featuring Azurite, Pearl, and Cubic Zirconia stones.
Expertly handcrafted from lustrous freshwater pearls in an exquisite shade of indigo, complemented by the radiant blue Azurite gemstone and the subtle dazzle of cubic zirconia stones, this bracelet is secured with a sturdy lobster clasp.

As the famous quote by Nimisha Toshniwal goes, "The sight of an indigo sky was beautiful, It was when darkness allowed light to shine for a while." Azurite, also known as the "Stone of Heaven," is believed to offer insights in all aspects of life, enhance intuition, inspire creativity, dissolve obstacles, and temper cold rationality with warmth and empathy. Additionally, Azurite is regarded as a talisman for prosperity and business success.

Pearl, the "Stone of Truth, Faith, and Love," fosters personal integrity, helps you stay focused on your goals, and provides deep meaning to your life. Pearl embodies sincerity, faith, and loyalty to one's convictions.

Cubic Zirconia is reputed to improve mental clarity, enhance concentration, and promote ego release. Known as the "Stone of Practicality," it can also aid in grounding oneself.


Indigo Pearl beads

Blue Azurite gemstone beads

Clear cubic zirconia stone

Gold Stainless Steel  


Bracelet can fit 7 inches or 18 cm wrist to  8 inches or 20 cm wrist.

Ø gemstone approx. 5 mm to 6 mm

Ø pearls approx. 5 mm to 6 mm

Ø Zirconia stone Approx 1.7-1.8 mm

Ø sphere about 5 mm

Made in Europe.

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