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Hollowed Knot Pendant

Hollowed Knot Pendant

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The Hollowed Knot Pendant is not just any piece of jewelry - it represents a rich history and cultural heritage that has been preserved for centuries. Inspired by the Monymusk Reliquary, an eighth-century Scottish house-shaped reliquary, this pendant features a stunning knotwork design inside a circle. The intricate craftsmanship of the Monymusk Reliquary reflects the fusion of Gaelic and Pictish design and Anglo-Saxon metalworking, which can be seen in the beauty of the Hollowed Knot Pendant. The use of high-quality British Pewter ensures that this pendant is completely lead-free and safe to wear. Showcasing a meaningful design and superior craftsmanship, the Hollowed Knot Pendant is a timeless piece of jewelry that will make a statement for years to come.

The Hollowed Knot Pendant comes with a genuine leather neck cord that measures approximately 20 inches or 50.8 cm in length, ensuring a comfortable fit for any wearer. 

Dimensions: 39 mm x 39 mm 

Designed and handmade in UK.

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