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Hematite Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

Hematite Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

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Description of Hematite Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

STONE: Natural Hematite stones beads.

LOTUS FLOWER CHARM: 24 karat gold plated over copper.

ELASTIC MATERIAL: High quality double elastic, very strong and reinforced elasticity.

BEADS WIDTH: 0.6 cm / 0.2 inch.

Handmade in Croatia.

Unique elastic bracelet made of hematite beads perfect to use as amulet for energy protection.

The lotus flower charm is made of 24 karats yellow gold plated over copper.


Hematite has a great ability to protect us from negative energies and vibrations. Many times, a place or even contact with another person that is with charged energy can interfere with our aura.


  • It has the power to recharge energy
  • Improves concentration
  • Sweep away negative energies
  • Helps develop skills
  • Balances the appetite
  • Combat circulatory problems
  • Increase readiness


Hematite is related to the scorpion sign. For those of the sign, the advice is to wear a necklace with the stone to strengthen the energies and feel protected.


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