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Wrapped woven Tsavorite Earrings

Wrapped woven Tsavorite Earrings

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MADE IN: United States


Wrapped woven tsavorite, about 1-1/2" long.

Available in either 14K gold-filled or sterling silver.

Tsavorite is a rich, deep green emerald colored garnet. The stone of benevolence, vitality, prosperity, vigour, and compassion. Tsavorite is the stone that helps the person in discovering the beauty within himself and in others. Being the stone increasing prosperity, Tsavorite not only bestows affluence, but also reduce the financial anxieties of the ones who wear it.

Pierced earrings with French hook.

Proudly Made with Love by Designer and Team in their studio in New York.

Color: Emerald green Tsavorite

Gold or Silver

Please understand that your piece will look slightly different than pictured.

Dimensions: Earring is about 1-1/2" long

Packaging: This item is presented in a designer signature packaging

Care Instructions: To maintain your jewelry, wipe gently with a cloth that is soft and clean.

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