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Pearl, Chalcedony Charm Bracelet

Pearl, Chalcedony Charm Bracelet

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MADE IN: Hungary


This bracelet is a beautiful combination of gold, white, and green, featuring a charming sunflower emblem that is synonymous with the designer. Its warm golden hues evoke memories of happy summer days, making it a versatile accessory that can be worn with any outfit. The bracelet is fastened securely with a lobster clasp.

According to P. C. de la Barca, "Green 💚 is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." This is reflected in the green color of the bracelet, which is considered to be the source of all beauty.

The bracelet is also adorned with pearls, which are known as the "Stone of Truth, Faith, and Love." Pearls are believed to enhance personal integrity and provide focus, bringing wisdom and deep meaning to the wearer. They symbolize sincerity, faith, and loyalty to one's cause.

Furthermore, the bracelet features chalcedony, a stone that can align the mind, body, and spirit. Chalcedony radiates feelings of generosity and kindness, while removing self-doubt and building self-confidence. It is an excellent aid for working with the Throat Chakra.


White Pearl beads

Green Chalcedony

Gold Stainless Steel 


Bracelet can fit 7 inches or 18 cm wrist to 8 inches or 20 cm wrist

Ø beads approx.  0.5 cm – 1.5 cm

Ø Gemstone approx.  8 mm

Ø sunflower approx.  1 cm

Handmade in Europe.

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