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Dog Harness for Walking CASU2

Dog Harness for Walking CASU2

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The CASU2 harness is ideal for city dogs, short-bodied, small and medium-sized dogs and is very easy to fit. There’s no need to slip your dog’s legs through the loops.

Made from recycled materials, the harness is light and soft, making it comfortable for your dog to wear. It is worn like a T-harness. The dog's head is threaded through the harness neck and the loop under the stomach is attached to the lock. The strap is attached to a lanyard on the back, which you should secure with a tight knot.

In this harness model, you can adjust the loop under the stomach, but the neck circumference is a fixed length. It comes in 3 different colors, black, black-pink and black-turquoise. The colored section lies against the dog’s coat so the black section remains on the outside. Reflective strips make your dog visible to motorists in the dark.

Made in Europe.

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