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Dog Harness for Hiking GOTO2

Dog Harness for Hiking GOTO2

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Made from recycled materials, the GOTO2 harness is perfect for hiking, running and all outdoor keep-fit activities with your dog. GOTO2 is a great choice when you’re looking for a harness for outdoor activities and light running.

The way this harness fits your dog will be slightly looser than a traditional harness. The belt attachment point is positioned differently. The GOTO2 harness is likely to remain a little looser around your dog's chest. This is because we have designed it to ensure that your dog's neck area remains comfortable and the harness does not apply too much pressure when your dog is pulling.

Light and soft, but also durable, the harness has a Y-shaped design, making it ergonomic for your dog. The strap is attached to a loop on top of the back of the harness and should be secured with a knot. When choosing a harness size, measure your dog precisely around the neck, close to the chest and below their front legs.

Made in Europe.

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