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Copper & Gunmetal Gears Leather Cuff Bracelet

Copper & Gunmetal Gears Leather Cuff Bracelet

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Stamped gears bracelet. This simple, rustic metallic cuff bracelet is handmade from upcycled scrap leather, imprinted with a various sized gears to evoke the inner workings of industrial age machinery, clocks, etc for a steampunk fashion flare. Hand-dyed ebony black and finished with an eggshell-smooth mixed metal tone antique silver / copper /gunmetal pewter finish. Easy on / off with a simple hitch clasp. Adjustable clasp positioning makes for safe gifting, too - no need to worry if it will fit! Minimalist modern design with sleek angled end; coordinates with a variety of metal tones. Simple and secure, easy to use ball hitch closure.

Several holes allow you to position the ball hitch clasp to fit your wrist, so no need to worry about fit. A standard screwdriver (or in a pinch a coin or butter knife) will allow easy resizing of the functional cuff length. Holes are positioned approximately to accommodate most adult women, at for the following positions (hole to hitch):
6.5" / 16.5cm
7" / 17.8 cm
7.5" / 19 cm
8.5" / 20.3 cm

Handmade in Massachusetts, USA.

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