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CITYC Laptop 2 in 1 Backpack Wet Road

CITYC Laptop 2 in 1 Backpack Wet Road

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CITYC Laptop backpack is designed to fit an on the go lifestyle. Functional and versatile, this 2 in 1 commuter backpack is the perfect companion for all your trips.

Expandable Bottom
It's nice to have a small and compact backpack, but sometimes you may need some extra space. In that case, this expandable backpack has got you covered - just unzip the bottom to unlock 25% extra volume in a matter of seconds.

Jacket or Yoga Mat Holder
Travel hands-free! The CITYC Laptop backpack will hold your jacket, pullover or yoga mat. You can also use this pocket to keep a book or your tablet handy while traveling.

Pockets on Shoulder Straps
Four elastic pockets keep your glasses and transit card always at hand. Whether you are right or left-handed, there’s a handy pocket for you!

Organized Inside and Out
Although it looks minimalist, this travel backpack is well organized. There are two external elastic pockets, two internal pockets and a discreet anti-theft pocket at your disposal.

15.6″ Laptop Compartment
The CITYC Laptop travel backpack features a padded laptop compartment to protect your device from bumps and scratches.

Luggage Strap
Attach the backpack to your trolley and travel with ease end no weight on your shoulders. It's just a small detail, but it can make your journey much more comfortable.

Large Capacity
We have experienced firsthand how frustrating it is to not have enough space, so... this expandable backpack has the extra space you need, just a zipper away.
You'll be surprised at what this travel backpack can hold.

Machine Washable
Live each day to the fullest and do not worry about your backpack getting dirty. You can wash it in the washing machine along with your jeans. Isn't that great?

Elegant branded packaging
The CITYC Laptop backpack is packed in an elegant gift bag. You can reuse this handy sack to organize your stuff while traveling.
We believe in functionality, down to the smallest detail!

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