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Blue Kyanite Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

Blue Kyanite Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

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Description of Blue Kyanite Elastic Bracelet | 24K Lotus Flower

STONE: Natural Blue Kyanite Stones beads.

LOTUS FLOWER CHARM: 24 karats gold plated over copper.

ELASTIC MATERIAL: High quality double elastic, very strong and reinforced elasticity.

BEADS WIDTH: 0.6 cm / 0.2 inch.

Handmade in Croatia.

Beautiful elastic bracelet made of Blue Kyanite beads perfect to use as amulet for energy purification.

The lotus flower charm is made of 24 karats yellow gold plated over copper.


Blue kyanite is considered an aluminum silicate mineral, its main meaning is logical thinking and healing.
This beautifully blue stone is considered a kind of exotic gem, but far from being just a pretty face, it is enriched with deep healing properties generating high vibrations.

Like most blue crystals, it connects to the throat chakra. Our throat chakra is where our truth comes from and when we are able to communicate this truth to the world and feel heard, we are on the way to reaching our full potential.


Kyanite is a beloved birthstone for those born under the zodiac signs of Taurus, Aries, and Libra. While it's not a member of the traditional birthstone chart, that doesn't mean kyanite doesn't have many benefits for those astrological signs that match your moods.

Taurus can be practical and stoic and have a penchant for ambition. While all of these things make them enterprising, they can also sink into stubbornness at times. Kyanite (especially in shades of blue) will help Taurus communicate effectively, find compassion in their hearts, and engage a little more when needed.


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