Shipping Policy


Besste offers free shipping for all products (EXCEPT PAINTINGS, see below) regardless of the destination when you spend US$100 or more

For purchases less than US$100 we charge a flat fee of US$9.99 worldwide


All our paintings are framed, therefore they require additional care during shipping in order to deliver them to you in their original condition. Shipping fee for paintings depends on the size and will be specified on individual product descriptions.


If e.g. you have a painting and jewelry in your cart the shipping fee is calculated as follows:

  1. You will be charged the shipping fee for your painting based on the size and destination
  2. If the total in your cart (jewelry + painting) is OVER the free shipping limit, you will NOT be charged an additional shipping fee for your cart



There are a number of factors that affect the delivery time

  1. A number of our products are made on order due to the fact that they require personalization or because they are not mass-produced products. For each product that qualifies, there is a note in description explaining the expected time required BEFORE the item is shipped
  2. Some products are shipped from a warehouse or directly from the manufacturer. Delivery time will depend on your location and where the items is shipped from
  3. Bulky products such as furniture may require additional time to ship, but once shipped they are typically delivered faster

In all cases we use expedited/economy shipping to balance expenses with speed.

For items that are in stock and do not require personalization, they ship typically within 24h of your order and will typically be delivered within 15 days of your order


In an unlikely case that the item gets lost, please let us know by emailing us to and we will attempt to track it down for you. And if the item cannot be delivered we will offer you a refund or send you another item



In some cases you may have to pay import fee / tax. This is entirely out of our control as it may depend on any combination of:

  • Where the product is shipped to
  • Where the product is shipped from
  • Order value