How much do you charge for shipping?


All products EXCEPT Paintings:

When you spend US$100 or more we offer FREE shipping worldwide. 

For orders less than US$100 we charge a flat shipping fee of US$9.99 worldwide


All our paintings are framed, therefore they require additional care during shipping. This care has a price. Shipping fee for paintings depends on the size and will be specified on individual product descriptions

What currency are the prices in?


Our prices are set in US$. In some parts of the world you will  see currency localized.

What are the shipping times?


Our products are not mass produced items. Due to the fact that we work with local artisans all over the world, the shipping/delivery times really depend on a number of things. A lot of our products are made on order, meaning that it could take a few days before the product is even shipped. Then depending on your location, it may take anywhere between 5-21 days to reach you. You can always get in touch with us and we will try to giver you a realistic update.

Can I return the product and get my money back?


Absolutely. Check out our Refund Policy.

How is Besste different from other similar web stores


We are glad you asked. We have a very close relationship with artists and designers we work with. That enables us to offer our products at a very competitive price with very affordable shipping rates and excellent warranty options. Not only do we offer 30 days no questions asked money-back guarantee, but on most of our products we also offer our signature buy-back warranty. Now can have complete peace of mind when you purchase from us.

Why is Besste website slow in my browser?


We feel your pain. We are making every effort to keep our website optimized for all major browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Edge


however, we too are at mercy of what these browsers are capable of. That is especially true for websites with lots of images and videos, such as Besste. Although all the above browsers should provide a great user experience, we have found that Firefox offers the best speed by far

(NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with Firefox in any way, this is our personal experience with testing all the above listed browsers)