About Us


BESSTE (pronounced /beste/ ) is an eco-friendly web store specializing in socially responsible designer jewelry and art.  We are located on the Ottawa, Ontario. Our address is:

78 George St Suite 204,
Ottawa, ON
K1N 5W1,

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Socially Responsible Jewelry and All Kinds of Must-Haves

BESSTE isn’t like other e-commerce stores. We don’t buy mass-produced inventory from bulk wholesalers online. Instead, we partner with independent brands and communities that make beautiful, eco-friendly and 100% ethical products.


Championing Local Communities

To reduce our environmental footprint, we source handmade, socially responsible jewelry, from non-traditional jewelers, designers working in their local communities and artists.

Focused on zero waste and maximum (positive) social impact, our socially responsible jewelry is unique, story-inspired, and handpicked by us for artistic quality and style.


Our Mission

At BESSTE, we work closely with sustainable brands and artisans who share our goal of promoting environmentally-friendly, socially conscious shopping.

Central to everything we do is our mission to create an online shopping platform that directly promotes the success of small independent companies and sustainable product manufacturers.


Socially Responsible Gift Ideas

Even if you hate consumerism, you’ll love BESSTE. This is thanks to the fact that we make it easy to shop for products and gift ideas that align with your values.

To give you as many shopping options as possible, we don’t just make it easy to buy stunning, yet socially responsible jewelry online. As well as this, we make it easy to shop for dozens of other socially responsible gift ideas.


Who is BESSTE?

BESSTE is a growing sustainable e-commerce store with big ideas.

Like you, we want to shop more conscientiously online. Sadly, e-commerce dominance by big brands doesn’t always make this easy.

With there being so few places to shop responsibly online, we’ve created a platform that makes doing so easy. We give consumers the power to shop in accordance with their values. We also allow consumers just like you to shop without compromising when it comes to product quality or variety.

At BESSTE, we believe that everyone can make a positive impact on the world — even if that’s just by buying smarter online.

Shop with us today and discover how small lifestyle changes like more conscientious consumerism, really can make a big difference.



We do not ask for exclusivity from designers we work with, because we want them to thrive. If they are doing well by selling their product, then we are happy too because we can continue to work with them. As a result some of our designers run their own store and you may even find their product elsewhere.

So why would you purchase from Besste?

We select our designer and products very carefully. Consequently, we have a very personal relationship with every designer we work with. That enables us to offer you excellent deals with very attractive AND competitive prices. Add our very generous shipping rates and our signature Buy-Back warranty, and you have complete peace of mind with amazing offers.


BESSTE Experience

At BESSTE, we want shopping to be a special and simple experience.

  • FREE shipping on purcahses $100+
  • We pay sales tax for you.
  • We only offer the most on-trend, hand-curated products.


  • Because we care.
  • Because we want to bring back the sense of joy and discovery that comes with a great shopping experience.
  • Because you simply deserve it.

Thank you for shopping with BESSTE. Your support and patronage means the world to us.



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