The Origin: Where The Product You Buy is Coming From?

The Origin: Where The Product You Buy is Coming From?

The Origin

"...Your date of birth please? Where were you born?..."

I get this question lot of times when I deal with a bank, government, authorities, etc. These - and some other facts about me - are part of my known identity. Where I come from says a lot about me, doesn't it? You think goods that you buy are different? I reckon they are even more important.

Not so long ago when I purchased a piece of electronics, an accessory, clothing etc I was truly curious where was it made? And lot of times I knew it already. A piece of Sony electronics was - almost - always made in Japan, sometimes in Germany or other places that I knew they have assembly lines. Clothes stood a good chance to be made in Italy, USA, or number of other places that I knew clothes usually come from. And while there was a degree of predictability, it gave me a sense that 'I know' what I am buying.


The Source

Today things are radically more uniform. Most of us got accustomed to the fact that whatever we buy was certainly made in one of few countries when it comes to clothing or some other products. It has become all too predictable and more importantly dull. The #origin had become a source. I am not arguing whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. There are pros and cons. Things are changing again though. It is undeniable that the curiosity about where a product is made and what is behind it is going through a wonderful renaissance.

Why is that?

If everything came from the same source, what would that tell us about a product? Absolutely nothing. Just the same old. There would be nothing unique about them. But when my phone case is made in Slovenia, my jeans are made in Italy, my speakers are made in the United States, etc. there is an undeniable variety attached to them. It is the #story of these products that becomes interesting to us. Who makes them? What is their #motivation (apart from making money of course)?, What is the product made of? Did they cut a tree to make a chair or they used #recycled materials?, etc


The Essence

More often than not, these products and #brands have true personal stories to tell, the essence. Because it is a family business, because how the idea behind it came to pass, because of the #materials they use, because of the impact hey are making, etc.

When you have

  • a phone case made of hay,
  • a piece of #handmade #jewelry made by an #artisan who was inspired by an event in her family,
  • a piece of home decor that was made by dedicated effort of an artist, hour after hour, etc

You not only own the product, you own the #story too. Our lives are made up of stories. And a #story behind a product you own will give you that knowledge, that peace of mind that someone somewhere made a true selfless effort to make it, to make an impact. And you will know and own the fact that you are part of that same effort.

Isn't that a magical feeling?



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