The Essence of Authenticity

The Essence of Authenticity

To Love

Why do you love someone? Huh? Now you may be scrambling to come up with an answer or you just know. But whatever it is, there is one thing in common for any one of them.


We are drawn to people who are satisfy our own idea of uniqueness. We don’t want that person to be like someone else. We seek uniqueness.

To Like

Same applies to objects. Yes we all want iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S10, but when you buy one of those, then you go and make it unique. You spend some money on a cool case, maybe a sticker or even a holding ring. Even in following #trends we seek authenticity. It gives sense of identity and even belonging. Something every single one of us is hardwired to want.

To Drive

Authentic is what drives you when you make a decision (not) to purchase something. If you don’t like something that is because it falls outside your taste. Meaning you cannot identify yourself with it which is to say it is not authentic (…enough). There is more to this of course, but it is undeniable that we all want to be noticed and accepted and that only comes through being unique in some way(s).

To Ask

Where does that leave us in today’s world? It is easy to see how our shopping habits are changing. And I am not referring to online vs physical shopping habits. I am referring to our new old habits of actually experiencing shopping. When I make a purchasing decision based solely on price or shipping time, it is not about the experience. It is about #convenience. Experience is lot more:

- Planning
- Budgeting
- Browsing (online and offline)
- Considering
- Asking questions

The last one is particularly important. Asking questions. For example:

- Who made it?
- Where is it coming from?
- Is it green?
- Is it ethical?
- How was it made?
- How long will it last?
- What happens to it when I don't need it anymore?
- Who will benefit from my purchase?
- Do I really need it?

It is questions like these that are looking for authenticity. There is nothing #authentic about #convenience. But everything about making an informed decision is authentic. And a good purchase is an informed decision. About what is it you are getting, who are you supporting, how are you supporting sustainability, how will you reduce waste, how can you help someone etc.

This is the future of shopping. A future that our kids will thank us for. So let’s not #waste it.

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