Recycling: Are You In or Out?

Recycling: Are You In or Out?

You don't have to look hard to find a piece of material (packaging, box, book, etc) that is recyclable or made of #recycled materials. We even have a standardized logo on those products. So we have our peace of mind that while we are satisfying our needs and purchase goods, we are still contributing to the grand picture of goodness

Are we?


Naked Facts

It is an undeniable fact that a huge portion of recyclable materials - despite the fact that they can be recycled - end up being dumped into the vast wasteland of garbage fields, without ever being recycled. Of course most of those items are made in a way that they degrade over time. #Recycled or not, they will eventually vanish. And the stress is on word eventually.

You see, that #waste will vanish in many years from now. 100s maybe 1000s of years. Until then, it will be out there. Piling up. And we know what happens next. Just open any new channel, and you will see sea creatures tangled up in plastic, piles of #waste accumulating at the most remote parts of the Earth, garbage in the deep depths of the ocean etc.


Going Forward

So how can we - you and me - #change things. Well, part of the #change is going to be long(er) term. When big polluters realize that they have to be part of the change too, things will gradually - slowly - start going back to normal. But on our daily levels of reality we can be the change too. Let's face it, most of us buy things such as jewelry, clothes, furniture, pieces of arts, accessories, etc. So if now instead of looking for that #recycle logo on products and hope for the best while we close our eyes to what we know is going to happen, we all start buying things that have a true #story behind them, things will change.

How will a #story behind a product save as all? Well it is not the story itself. And not just any #story.


Stories Matter

It is the story of personal effort, commitment, passion, love and compassion invested in those products that we are looking for. When those stories hit us, we found ourselves in the caring world of caring individuals with purpose and true #authentic motivation. So when I buy a piece of jewelry that is the result of the hard work of a local artisan, made of reused materials and made to be reused, I become part of the story.


And when that happens, you will be committed to that product. And at the end of its life you will know that you need to give it back to nature or someone who can truly reuse it without waiting for mother nature to digest it eventually. Now you are part of something that matters. You buy from those who make an effort only to make an effort yourself. And the circle is closed. You get a unique piece of product made with love, for you to love it. The way it used to be. The way it was meant to be.

Isn't that amazing?

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