Our Story, The Besste Story

Our Story, The Besste Story

Water and Fire. Do you think they can co-exist?
That is the story of our family business: Besste

There is two of us behind Besste: Emoke and Emil, a happily married couple. We both have spent major parts of our professional lives working in technology. After all technology had been the holly grail. Everything converges to technology. You can barely name anything in your life that does not involve technology.

Technology is about one thing and one thing only: Patterns. Science identifies patterns, technology applies and shapes them. That's it. It is all about predictability and repeatability. Press a button and the light will go on. Press it again and it will go off, etc. Press another button and a car will pop out at the end of the line every hour. Press it again and it will stop. Every single time. Patterns. A fire that makes its mark on every area in our lives. Because we want our lives and our world to be predictable, so we can plan and so we don't have to fear the unknown.

Except, we have to face the - not so surprising - fact that life is not about patterns. Or maybe it is for some of us, but life is definitely so much more than just patterns. A lot more.  Beauty, joy, happiness, etc cannot be planned or predicted. They simply are. And we need to discover and explore them. The total opposite of patterns.

So now we needed water to fight that fire. And what better way to fight patterns than turning to art. While neither of us is artist, we had always understood how art and artistic skills are organic part of a good life. But we weren't artists. So the next best thing was working with art. But to make it meaningful, it had to be art that we can give to others so they can enjoy beauty, joy and happiness. Art that you can wear, hang on the wall, etc. And now the options had been really narrowed down to what became Besste.

We have had a number of friends who had been artists all their lives, or they turned to art as a side gig or hobby. We could not create art, but we knew people who could. And it turned out that they too knew lot of similar folks. And now we had an entire army of designers and artists full of passion and energy to work with. And the idea of Besste was born.

Now you may be thinking "Well, there is Etsy...". Yes there is Etsy and similar platforms. But they are the Fire of predictability. We are the Water. Water that is not a platform or merely a web store. Besste is a breathing space of creativity where everyone will hopefully find their joy and satisfaction. A space that is continuously evolving, growing and changing. Regardless if you are the artist, designer or happy owner of one of their pieces.

The story of IT and technology professionals turning to art is not a new one. Actually it happens more often than many of us think. Most often it is a story of disillusionment with technology that needed an opposite. But our story is different. The Besste story is the story of water and fire living together in an eventful - and at times harsh - harmony of recreation. Where the unknown turns to a pattern and patterns find themselves in the disarray of the magnificent unpredictability of life.

We invite you to explore Besste. Because our fire and water harmony is only possible if you are part of it too. Hot and cool, burning and soothing, elusive and mesmerizing. Just like real life is. This is what Besste is all about!

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