How Someone's Personal Story Can Become Yours. And Why You Will Love It?

How Someone's Personal Story Can Become Yours. And Why You Will Love It?

The Beginnings

A single decision or lack of #decision can make or break one's life. Now imagine an event that is out of your control. A tragedy, sickness, birth, recovery, idea, etc.

Tamara is mom of three children. Happily married to a hard working and loving husband. As #jewelers run in her family, she become jeweler too. There is however a piece of past that deeply determines her present and future. Her daughter has mental disability since birth. She is a grown up now, but Tamara has to dedicate 24/7 to her disabled daughter. Hard times tend to sharpen our focus and senses. She used to be a jeweler, and now she has an idea. Although she has to dedicate every single minute of her time to her daughter by being beside her, it is not stopping her to do something at the same time. #Jewelry it is.


The Motivation

Tamara started making jewelry. From heart. What her heart tells her she makes it. She shapes it. She polishes it. She colors it. She breathes true undeniable life into them. Her meticulous work shapes her raw material into unique pieces of beauty. Now she can take care of her daughter and express herself at the same time. Tamara then has a spark. Jewelry doesn't all have to be #gold, silver and diamonds. It can be lots of other things. So she starts using and reusing other organic materials that not only add a twist to her work but also elevates her passion to a whole new level.

Tamara starts showing her work to her friends. Friends love it. They want to show their friends. They love it. Tamara starts making money by selling it. But as she lives in a small town there is a fast approaching limit to how far she can go and extend in selling her jewelry.


The Magic

One day a long gone friend gets in touch with her. They haven't met and talked for many many years. Her old friend sees Tamara's jewelry and she is hooked on right away. "How can we make this work for you?" - she asks. Tamara's friend is running an online store where she sells unique handmade products with story behind them, with passion behind them, with meticulous work invested in them. And here is an opportunity. Tamara is in.

Tamara is a fictional name in this true #story. A story that happened to us. A story that inspires us every single day. To be better. To ourselves, others and our mother planet #Earth.

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