Head to Cottage - weekend

Head to Cottage - weekend

Victoria Day long weekend also called “Head to Cottage - weekend” because there is a high chance that you will be heading to cottage country to open up your house for the summer and spend the majority of the weekend sipping cold beverages on a dock.

Victoria Day also known May 2-4 pronounced as ‘May Two-Four’, it is a public holiday in Canada, celebrated on the last Monday preceding May 25.

Originally there to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, it has since been celebrated as the official birthday of Canada’s sovereign — but to many Canadians May Two-Four is considered to be the start of summer.

The cottage on the lake, the cabin in the woods — cottage culture is an essential part of people lives. Particularly in Ontario, cottage life induces memories of summers spent on lakes, filled with crackling campfires, picturesque sunsets and afternoons full of boat rides and water sports.

When we moved to Ontario we learned that the Victoria Day long weekend is the tradition for our friends to headed to open up the cabin in Quebec or to move to the cottage in Muskoka in Ontario for the summer.

I started to appreciate the cottage culture during the long winters, when our family goes snowboarding and skiing at the chalet in Quebec.

My friend Jane took the whole cottage culture to the next level. As her kids grew up in Toronto for the family of 'to the cottage country' it was an opportunity to leave the business of cities behind and spend some time unwinding. Therefore last summer she decided to move to the cottage all year around. We introduce a new tradition that our favorite beverages are “Cottage Series” Merlot or Pinot Grigio from Pelee Island Winery to round all up our cottage experience.

Our friends from other parts of Canada will encounter a lake house and our friends from the US will be heading to their camps on the weekend before Memorial Day.

Nowadays living in harmony with nature becomes a popular trend. The designers who partner with Besste often use some ideas from nature in their creations. Thanks to those creative designers who bring nature to our life. Much appreciated!

It’s safe to say that in North America the holidays are quite honestly surrounded by cottages/cabins/camps. This and next weekend before heading to open up the cottages or land on the camp sites pick up a few bottles of Pelee Island Winery “Cottage Series” from your local liquor store, to pair with hamburgers while spending all day on a lakeside dock listening to music with friends that live around you.

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